Friday, May 20, 2011

What Portishead could possibly be

I was in a trip-hop mood today so I thought about Portishead and how much I loved their first albums. I think I listened to them thousand times and never got tired. And when music is so good is also somewhat fertile, and can give birth to something that you couldn't imagine and still surprise you. These mashups I found, they're simply amazing.

Adele / Portishead / B.O.B./ John Legend - Deep & Sour (Robin Skouteris Mix) by Robin Skouteris
This is a masterwork of mashups. There are something like 6 tracks mixed up, all someway recognizable and all perfectly blended.

Massive Attack vs Portishead - Teardrop on Roads (Mashed by Jaya Prime) by Jaya Prime
Two sacred monsters of music mashed up so well that seem to be born together.

Portishead - Over (Dubstep Refix) Dub & Run 016 by habstrakt
How could anybody resist to a dubstep remake of the tune Over? It's even more trip-hop than the original...

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