Friday, January 20, 2012

John Lee, voodoo's forever!

I have a special place in my heart for mr.Hooker. I saw him live in Italy a bunch of years ago (better not say how many). I was kind of new in the blues vibes, and I will never, never forget the thrill I felt when I heard that voice. It was something coming from inside, not from my ears, but from my bowel, or just around there. It was the power of the blues, the real one, that I was experiencing and those incredible frequencies that John Lee Hooker was able to get out of his vocal cords. I can still see the man, dress all in black, hat on, sunglasses, singin' Tupelo Blues and thousand of people falling in complete silence, hypnotized by the rhythm of the shoe on the floor and the hand on the guitar. I was looking for that feeling when I started the search and, surprise surprise, I think I found it! There are tons of tracks that make feel like Hooker's still alive and rocking. Listen to these, and you'll know he's still here, bluesing around the music of our days, hat on, unforgettable.

john lee hooker - hobo blues / karim full moon dub by `DJ KiMO Irresistible tune with perfect balance between the bluesy sound of Hooker voice and a base line that can't let you stay still. This is the right way to make a classic brand new. Great job.

Blues Brothers-John Lee Hooker (Bobby C Sound TV remix) by Bobby C Sound TV This track booms right in the middle! One of the most played tunes of Hooker & friends rended in a way that makes you wanna jump.

John Lee Hooker - Mad Man Blues (miX&dorp edit) by miX&dorp Mad Man Blues got new sounds, excellent sounds must say, and it shines like it was composed yesterday.

Tupelo (Blues Cover, All Vocals,Guitars & Bass by The Fat Man) by FatFreeProductions Making a rendition of this tune it's not easy at all. How could anybody compete with those bass frequencies that John Lee was able to reach like they came from his stomach? Nobody could. So, better try something different. And this is what these guys do, and they've done good.

And here's the real thing:

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