Monday, November 7, 2011

The Floyd's still pink

Some days ago I started thinking of some names that really really changed the music of our era. I came up with a few names and one of the first was Pink Floyd. I can't say I am a big fan of their music, but there's no way to underestimate their greatness. I started to wonder what could have been made with their music in these last 20 years, year more year less. And what I found out totally amazed me.

When I saw the title of this album I stopped, stared, and thought "what the hell...". I read all the story and started to do some research on the Internet. Is it true? Is it a big fake? Is it even hypothetically possible that Marvin Gaye and Pink Floyd recorded together? I know this thing's been around for a while, but I still have no answers. What I can surely say is that this album is amazing. Definitely amazing. And free. And if somebody happens to know something, please, please, tell us!

Another great finding. A classical guitar rendition of some of the most popular Floyds tracks.
Boring? Not for a single minute. Wonderful idea on excellent fingers. And Money is my fav.

Moving to the dj's & co places, I found out that dubstep community has an unconditional love for Pink Floyd and has produced some high quality tracks that could all be included here. But I had to choose and I did it just following my taste. If you're curious you could spend a night surfing on Floyd dubstep renditions.

Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine - IDeaL & J-Break dubstep remix by JBREAK

Comfortably Time - Pink Floyd DUBSTEP RMX (Pretty Lights v Pink Floyd v Stylust Beats) FREE DOWNLOAD by djstorms

Bonus Track, the odd mashup:
Pink Floyd vs Stevie Wonder - Another Brick In The Superstition (DJ Prince) by djprince

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