Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gaga Pride, day after.

Not that I like Lady Gaga, just to be clear. But, come on, it's almost impossible not to notice her! So, I live in Rome, and yesterday the city was invaded by people, gay or not, and part of them were surely there to see Gaga on stage. I did.
I still don't like her. So today I thought that maybe I could find some different way to sound Gaga and make her better. Did I succeed? Still don't know.

Lady Gaga - LoveGame Tune In Crew Remix by TuneInCrew
Original remix made one year ago, but I find it's far more beautiful than the original song. Love the sticks ;)

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Hedorah RMX) by Hedorah
I like dubstep, and when I tried to listen to the Gaga version of this song I didn't go over the first 15 secs. This one... another story.

You know i'm no gaga (ft. amy winehouse & lady gaga) by DJ RED i (r&b mash-ups)
Gaga and Winehouse, could you believe it? Well, misteriously it works.

Madonna vs. Lady GaGa - Express Yourself This Way by Undercurrent_Bootleg
This is kinda obvious... Two pop queens, fashion stars, sex icons, all mashed-up. This shot was easy, but somehow enjoyable.

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